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Surprise has a history as interesting as its name. It was first believed that this city was named after one of the first residents, an Arizona state legislator for his home town of Surprise Nebraska but was later discovered that resident Flora Statler once made the comment, I will be surprised if this town ever amounted to much. Surprise began as a one square mile plot with one gas station and a few houses but was soon developed by building affordable housing for local farm workers. As they expanded, more land was purchased to keep up with the growth.

Surprise was officially incorporated in 1960 but experienced its massive growth surge in the 1990’s as Del Webb was developing adult oriented master planned communities in this affordable, prime location in the Northwest Valley. For many years Surprise has been documented as one of the swiftest growing cities in the entire United States. There are ample opportunities for local small to medium sized businesses with future additions already planned to accommodate economical development and growth. Browse our free MLS searches to help you find your new home or horse property in Surprise Arizona.

Surprise features one of the most advanced community oriented developments known, Prasada. Envisioned as a versatile marketplace and community gathering center, Prasada offers upscale shopping, fine restaurants, entertainment venues, cultural events and more in a setting that reflects and blends in with the areas natural beauty. Years of thought, planning and organizing have gone into this project, with initial ground breaking in 2007. Construct is still underway with phase two starting in 2010 and an estimated full completion of this project around the year 2017.

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